Extant [ek-stuhnt]Still existing; Not lost or destroyed; Something that has survived against all odds.
Jester [jes'ter]: A professional clown employed by a king or nobleman; the individual most able to speak truth to power.

We work like the jester.
We use wit, candour and creativity to entertain, provoke and inspire.

We bring theatre to those who may not otherwise appreciate or have access to it, nor recognize the ways in which theatre, stories and the actor's tool box can prove relevant and applicable to their every day lives. 

We work with everyone. Our clients range from executives in bank towers to young people living in priority neighbourhoods.  We work with
 business professionals looking to improve their public speaking skills for upcoming presentations, we also work 
with refugees and survivours of trauma as they prepare to start the next chapter of their lives
.  We work with youth looking to resolve difficult issues in meaningful ways, and with government agencies bent on improving interpersonal communication in both official languages.  
And we work with everyone else in between. 

We are so glad you came to visit.

We're sure we've got a workshop or show that's right for you.