Clients And Testimonials

The Extant Jesters work with companies in the corporate and public sectors, with community organizations, event planners, consulting firms and even with individuals organizing weddings, birthday parties and other private events. Every show we perform and workshop we facilitate is custom-designed to suit the needs and desires of each individual client. 


Here are some examples of our work with our corporate clients:

- Forum Theatre experience with Flynn Construction >>>

Undercover In Situ Intervention with Veuve Clicquot >>> 

- Team Building workshop with Mosaic>>>

- Customer Service workshop with Hilton Hotel employees >>>

- Impro A la Carte show with Bank of Montreal >>>

- Ultimate Improv show with Zimmer Dental >>>

"This is really exciting. 

A lot of this interpersonal communication stuff is new to me. 

It wasn't the main focus of business school, but now that I've been on the job for almost a decade I see how important it is, how it can make or break important relationships both in the office and with clients. These things really do affect the bottom line."


Here are some examples of our work with public sector and community clients:

- Workshop for immigrants and refugees new to Canada at the YMCA >>>

- Educational and interactive shows touring to Toronto, Peel and York Region District School Boards >>>



Here are some examples of custom-designed shows we've perform at private parties

- Our show at Shawna & Tony's wedding >>>

- Our show and workshop at Samantha's 8th birthday party >>> 

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