Mosaic team-building

Team Building Workshop with Mosaic

"Your company was incredible. We gave you less than a week to confirm bookings and content with our organization and you absolutely wowed us. The service, time and preparation taken to ensure our workshops ran smoothly was fantastic. We left it in your hands and the outcome was a huge success. The feedback from all associates was very positive and we are looking forward to using you again for future company meetings. Thank you for your amazing team and all the efforts taken. We are so happy you were a part of our 2013 planning focused on culture integration."
Donna Harrison

The Request

Mosaic, one of North America's most innovative field sales and marketing companies contacted us to inquire if we might be able to add some fun, levity and team-building to their 2013 company off-site. Mosaic has been growing very quickly over the past few years and even recently bought another company.  The creative staff at Mosaic were able to adapt quickly and welcome new members to the team after these various mergers took place but with staff working so hard while adapting to changes there was little time left to get to know one another. 

 Creative Director Anne Marie Al- Borno and event organizer Donna Harrison thought that the staff off-site might be an ideal opportunity to bring together members of the mosaic team from different departments (70 people in total, including graphic designers, programmers, ideation and strategy, digital etc.) While much of the day was spent in meetings, sharing 2012 corporate results and setting goals for 2013, 2 hours had been set aside at the end of the workday for some fun. Donna and Anne Marie contacted us in the hopes that we could provide a 2 hour improv workshop for all staff that would be fun, memorable and could help participants see one another in a new light. We at the Extant Jesters were certainly up for this. 

On The Day

We met the event organizers at the venue 45 minutes prior to workshop start time to ensure that we could properly set up the space. We opted to bring along 3 workshop facilitators so that we could split the large group of 75 into 3 smaller groups of 25 each to ensure all participants would get the most out of the experience as possible. As soon as the company meeting ended, we began our workshops. Though most participants knew what improv was, and some had even seen improv shows live or on TV, most participants had never taken part in an improv workshop before. As we typically do in workshops such as this, we started out with several full-group exercises to get everyone warmed-up and laughing. We then moved on to smaller group exercises and scenes. 

Participants seemed to have a wonderful time; laughing almost non-stop, taking risks and supporting one another throughout. They were also quick to note how the skills learned from these theatre exercizes can relate directly to their workplace and specific projects. After 2 hours, when it was time to wrap-up the workshops, everyone was surprised to learn that time had passed so quickly and said they were eager for us to come back again!