We offer a wide variety of shows and workshops in both elementary and high schools as well as universites, colleges and other adult learning institutions. 

If you are looking for a training session or workshop for a university or college, please visit our COMMUNITY page to find out more about our unique, interactive approach when working in adult education contexts.

Our actors have been working with and performing for children and youth across North America for more than a decade. We offer a wide variety of unique, interactive workshops and shows in both English and French that are curriculum-relevant and can be easily adapted to meet your specific learning objectives. 

We have 2 shows that have already been touring far and wide, playing in schools across North America, in museums, at children's festivals and at family-friendly parties and corporate events. 

WATER is a 45 minute long show (55-60 minutes including a question and answer period) that addresses key environmental issues through humour, audience interaction and a variety of art forms including theatre, live music (cello and flute), dance, mask and puppetry. Curriculum connections include: Science, Environmental Studies, Georgaphy, Arts and Character in Education. We usually perform this show in theatres or school gymnasiums or lunch rooms. We can accomodate up to 250 young audience members at each performance. For a full show description, photos and videos, please click HERE.

THE INCREDIBLE STORY OF WHATEVER YOU WANT is a 45-60 minute improv-based play where our young audience members help construct the plot, setting, and characters of the story. We usually perform this show in school libraries, classrooms or small gymnasiums or at private parties in somewhat intimate rooms. We can accomodate up to 150 young audience members at each performance. Curriculum connections include: History, Arts, Literacy and Character in Education. For a full show description, photos and videos, please click HERE. 

We have a wide variety of workshops to choose from, and always custom-design the experience according to teachers' and students' desires and needs. 

Some of our most popular workshops include: 

Leadership Training

Literacy Through Drama

Character in Education

Storytelling Time!

Improv Skills and Thrills 

FORUM THEATRE We have a wide variety of forum theatre scenarios for both high school and elementary school students. The Forum Theatre experience is unique in that we write a play (often based on discussions with your students) about a difficult issue, specifically for your class or school. In the past, we have dealt with charged issues such as:

- Bullying

- Suicide

- Immigration

- Date rape

- Eating Disorders

- Drug and alcohol abuse.

- Technology

 On the day of the workshop, we perform our (20-30 minute) play for your students (the scripted scenario always depicts a "worst case scenario" outcome, where there are no clear "good" or "bad" characters but rather a multitude of poor choices and unfortunate circumstances). The students then, one at a time, have an opportunity to step into the scenario, taking on a role of a character of their choosing, and attempt to make different decisions than in the original situation, in the hopes that their new choices or tactics will result in a more positive outcome. The professional actors improvise around these new choices and react accordingly. The entire Forum Theatre experience is facilitated by an experienced member of the Extant Jesters who ensures that participants always feel it is a safe and inspiring learning space. 

Our custom-written forum theatre shows always reflect the reality of your students lives and experiences and are designed to reveal the complexities of situations. These experiences help students view an issue from a variety of perspectives and provide students with a unique opportunity to "rehearse for reality"  and problem solve on the spot by stepping into complex situations.  

For more information on how the FORUM THEATRE experience works, please click  HERE.

If you have any questions at all about the show and workshop options we have listed here, would like a price quote, or wish to speak with us about any other ideas you have to bring the arts to your students in meaningful and memorable ways, please CONTACT US. 

We also offer a series of different improv based workshops for young people in both elementary and high schools.  These workshops can last one hour, one day, or a full year. These improv workshops are always interactive, always lots of fun and address themes such as: trust, status and power,confidence, stress management, team-work,non-threatening risk-taking, public speaking, listening and communication, and commitment.  For more information about these workshops, please CONTACT US.

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