Special Events

The sky is the limit when it comes to Special Event requests. We can (and have) pretty much done it all!

Whether you're looking to spice up a corporate holiday party with some under cover guests, or need a charasmatic M.C. to keep things running smoothly for your charity auction, or want to ensure you host the most fun and memorable wedding reception of the year, we've got you covered!

No request is too ridiculous. :) CONTACT US today!

Here are some fun examples of past contracts:

 Undercover with Veuve Clicquot >>> The Extant Jesters trick employees into coming together in a Castle in Reims, France at the company's annual conference retreat. Click HERE for more details to see how it all played out. 

 Ultimate Improv show with Zimmer Dental >>> This company was looking for a fun and memorable way to bring together employees from different branches of the company. The settled on a river cruise with our ULTIMATE IMPROV show taking place between dinner courses. It was a huge success!  Click HERE for a full description. 

James' 18th Birthday Party>>>  James was turning 18, his mother Carol wanted to celebrate the ocassion but because her son has autism and most of his party guests would also have special needs, she wanted to be sure to find an entertainment option that would be engaging for everyone at the event. We had just the solution! We adapted our show THE INCREDIBLE STORY OF WHATEVER YOU WANT for the ocassion and it was a huge hit! Click HERE for full details.

Where's Waldo? At a Wedding!>>> The Extant Jesters go undercover, reviving childhood memories and sparking great times at Ashley and Jonathan's Toronto wedding. Click HERE for full details and to see photos of the event as featured in Toronto Life magazine!

 Family Friendly Entertainment at Sunnybrook Hospital >>> The Extant Jesters entertain Sunnybrook Hospital's cardiologists and their families at their annual summer BBQ. Click HERE for full details. 

Please CONTACT US with your ideas and outlandish requests!

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