Are you looking for a unique way to close a corporate event? A sure-fire fun addition to a company dinner?  On-site entertainment for a team-building retreat?

Are you a wedding planner looking for an original way to make this milestone truly memorable? 
A government organization hosting a bilingual event? A school principal looking for an educational show to bring to junior students? Look no further! We have a show for you! 

Our shows are always unique, hilarious and adaptable to any audience. According to your needs, they can also be educational, interactive, improvised, multi-lingual, provocative, competitive or based on real-life people and situations.  
Do not hesitate to CONTACT US with any questions, to book a show, or to discuss your specific show needs and desires.


Ideal for company dinners, weddings and holiday parties

Your guests order scenes from our improv menu extraordinaire in between real catered courses or before or following their meal. We can adapt our show to suit any occasion. 


Ideal for team-building retreats, fundraisers and college events

The ultimate comedy battle where 2 teams of talented improvisors perform to be the audience favourite watched over by a crooked referee. 

            Ideal for child-friendly events, school tours (curriculum-relevant material), environment-focused festivals and events

            An interactive and educational show that explores the importance of Water from the perspective of 8 year old Olive
            who one day makes a wish that all of the water in all of the world would disappear!


Ideal for child-friendly corporate or community events, schools and private parties

An improvised fairy-tale, ghost story, action-packed adventure or whatever our young audience members want.   


Learn more about what we do. Take a look at some of our VIDEOS. We have clips from some of our most popular shows, including Ultimate Improv, Impro A La Carte, The Incredible Story of Whatever You Want and much, much more. 

Also, feel free to browse through some pictures from our shows over the years.

Second City "Swine of the Times"

The Incredible Story of Whatever You Want! The Extant Jesters Improv show for young audiences!

Check out more about our improv show/workshop for kids!

Clearing Customs: A new bilingual play by the Extant Jesters

Impro A La Carte: Photos from shows at events around the world

Check out  what our Impro A La Carte show is all about!

Ultimate Improv!!

Check out more details about our Ultimate Improv show!